Food Systems


From Agriculture to Zoology

The stress on food production is a fundamental result of increasing population. Every footprint affects its neighbours in a web that binds everything. Untangling is the challenge. From GMOs to diets high in fats, salt and sugars, we are indeed what we eat. 

The PBN will be working with major companies to educate consumers better lifestyle choices that may result in healthier populations that is costing governments trillions every year.

Your health is your wealth and it is a fundamental component of prosperity. Indeed, the new wealth is not money but health.

Peregrine Food runs like its counterparts in health, energy, water, waste and transport. Challenging convention with education to deliver better solutions. The entire group itself runs on secure, decentralised platforms for holding information and solutions to tens of thousands of applications by people and companies worldwide.

We call this Applications Leverage - where upon billions of people will benefit from learning how to use new tools, methods and finance to build sustainable development projects themselves. We teach others to make their own fishing rods with pump priming finance and knowledge.

Every step along the food chain from the farm to the table can be tracked and accounted for on the blockchain. This includes applications in food production, security, quality assurance to health standards with transparency and compliance cross borders.  




Food security

from farm to table using blockchain


Billions suffer

Malnutrition, insufficiency, poor farming, lack of sanitation have lead to poor quality health. The most vulnerable are children and the aged.


Waste treatment

Municipal waste, manufacturing waste, plastics, radioactive, organic wastes are a hazard to our health when they end up in the soil and waters.

Peregrine is committed to environmental protection with people on the ground with companies and with governments to enforce compliance. 


CO2 Mitigation

Carbon reduction from cleaner fuels to better transport systems on our roads, air and sea. Electric-hybrids now ply London routes and explanding.