Peregrine Finance

The powerhouse for the Peregrine Business Network is a backend entity called the Peregrine Bank and PeregrinExchange (PeregrineX). These are physical entities that operate in the real and virtual world offering a range of financial services for alternate currencies as well as fiat money with emphasis on corporate finance. 



The Peregrine Bank will start with Corporate finance to help companies grow. Loans collaterised with digital as well as fiat money will enable companies and their shareholders to have the benefit of both worlds.

These units may also offer limited personal finance with alt-coin credit and debit cards and personal loans to high net worth individuals. Together with the PBN, we expect to list these regulatory compliant businesses together to realise their value to fuel further growth.

The Peregrine IT Group will be a division in PeregrineX and supports internal and external software requirements for blockchain applications in FinTech.



The PeregrinExchange is a virtual and real world money exchange from fiat to digital currency and vice versa. It enable some 4 billion people who currently do not have a bank account to access money for business and personal needs. Digital currency is here to stay and the future of money is now. This is a huge un-tapped market for the Foundation's operating arms.


These two operating arms will be full compliant with regulatory bodies.