Decentralised Application Projects



Peregrine Affiliates

a plug and play platform linking millions of customers and retailers via the Peregrine Network

Affiliates are our biggest source of revenues. Through the Foundation’s participating social media and advertising contacts, we have already achieved a cumulative outreach of to anyone with a smartphone worldwide. All sponsors and businesses supporting a good cause are welcomed to participate. The general scheme is implemented by way of smart contract and a generic remuneration structure as follows:

1) Social media leaders with high numbers of followers sponsor a business/brand/product/service.

2) Participating businesses should expect to see increased sales volumes.

3) In return for customer referrals, retailers will award their customers with discounts for purchases when paid for in PERs. In addition, retailers will also pay a commission to the sponsors.

4) Excess profits made by the sponsors above a certain predetermined amount will automatically be returned to the foundation by way of smart contract.

The Peregrine ecosystem encourages people to start creating new digital based businesses with our open source software without heavy investment or degrees in information technology. Indeed, we become both an enabler and a soft venture entity with capital and knowledge investment into people. The result is enterprise and people development.


Peregrine Livestream

a decentralised music and film streaming platform allowing producers to connect directly with audiences. 

Peregrine Network, is a decentralised streaming platform where songs and movies can be played in high definition and on demand over the internet, with payment made to the producers instantaneously by way of smart contract.

This set up cuts out as many middlemen as possible, ensuring that producers get paid fairly for their work. In addition, budding artists who participate are given a fair chance of exposure to the public, avoiding harsh scrutiny from major distributors.

Several well-known artists have already joined us in building this platform, including Susaye Greene, who was the last member to join the Motown girl group - The Supremes. Her latest solo album, Brave New Shoes, was released in 2005. Actors participating include Samantha Berg from the movie BlackFish (2013), which won a Satellite Award for best documentary film.

Ultimately, the Peregrine Media platform will revolutionise the music and film industry by entrusting distribution to the people, while ensuring producers are paid fairly and instantaneously.