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These are just some examples of how the Peregrine Token (PER) may be applied with smart contracts to ensure compliance and mitigation of illicit trade, captivity and law enforcement with dApps used in a decentralised manner that is secure and powerful. Whatever your goal and activity plan, joining the Peregrine Business Network allows you to gain traction, increase efficiency and deliver results in practically all aspects of human endeavour to make our planet a better home.



BLOCKCHAIN dApps could revolutionise the state of animal rights and welfare enforcement. The protection of animals in live exports, conservation of animals in the wild, capture and transport of endangered species around the world. The Peregrine Foundation is committed to work with activists and NGO's to eradicate trade in ivory and other animal parts across the world. 


Plastics, microbeads, filaments are found in a tap near you. Pesticides, Herbicides are killing thousands of species every year. How do you track pollution? By 2040, there will be no more commercially viable fish from the seas. Plastics are thrown into our oceans a truck load every second. That is about 100m tonnes a year. 




Forests and waterways are exploited with resulting pollution. Population increase and increased agricultural demand means less than 0.5% of all freshwater is left for  human consumption. The business of thirst is taking a toll on a basic human right.Thousands of applications and the use of the PER for water contracts means better access and mitigates greed.

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