The Peregrine Files

Many people are having a tough time grappling with the purpose of this initiative. The easiest way is to separate the Foundation from the two other entities:

The Peregrine Business Network - a business platform for you to start connecting for resources or to market and sell your ideas, goods and / or services. For global projects, we may provide soft venture funding with a split of profits going back to the PBN and Foundation to continue helping others.

The PeregrinExchange is a purely compliant money changer where you may swap PERs and other crypto currencies into fiat money and vice versa from anywhere in the world.
The Peregrine Bank provides larger capital for growing projects reaching global scale. The payback is as described in (1) but we inject more expertise including legal and risk mitigation.
In this way, we may provide support to your business to help it grow, creating wealth and jobs for all concerned. Surplus to the Foundation goes to the Peace Universities Building Fund - an ambitious initiative to build three campuses plus an online one for undergraduates.

We support people who can help themselves hence this is not a charity but a business incubator. Returns are reinvested to help people around the world to start their own projects.

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