The Peregrine Business Network (PBN)


Its a business network powered by blockchain and dApps

Similar to the tens of thousands of application developers in the Apple ecosystem, In this case it is the Peregrine ecosystem powered by the blockchain.


The PBN is a powerful tool for all businesses wanting to utilise decentralised applications without having to create them. It consists of a consortium of participating businesses led by the Foundation, each leveraging upon each other’s strength, while benefiting from the wisdom and foresight of the Foundation’s advisory members. The PBN utilises the PER currency for transactions where possible, while the Foundation will design and provide PBN members with specifically designed smart contracts and decentralised applications (dApp), as suited to their individual needs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This allows PBN partners to stay focussed on their strategic areas of business, such as in sales, marketing, strategy and management.



The Peregrine Business Network is looking for new innovative partners, those who share our vision for a more sustainable world. Get in touch with us at to discuss your opportunity.


How do you help

each of us on this planet? Peregrine's answer is through the blockchain.